Role of Women Entrepreneurs in a Growing Economy

New Delhi: EO New Delhi hosts panel discussing the “Role of Women Entrepreneurs in a Growing Economy” for the EO New Delhi Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA).

Ahead of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA), EO New Delhiorganized a panel discussion with a four remarkable women entrepreneurs from diverse business sectors.Moderated by Dilnawaz Khan, Founder of Power Deck, the speakers for the panel included Chandni Aggarwal, Founder of Little Tags Luxury, Vandana Seth Founder of RV Solutions Pvt Ltd, Divya Jain Founder of Seekify&Sonali Jain Founder of Playful Minds.The discussion revolved around the various aspects of women entrepreneurship in India.

Talking about the evolution of their role over the last few years, all the four panellists agreed that mobility and accessibility are two biggest things that have worked in favour for the women entrepreneurs. “There’s more acceptability of women entrepreneurs now in comparison to what it was a few years back,” explained Chandni.“Digitalization has really changed the game and increased mobility,” added Sonali.

Exemplifying the success journeys of Falguni Nayar’sNykaa, Vineeta Singh’s Sugar Cosmetics & the like, Dilnawaz asked the panellists to shed light on inclusivity of women entrepreneurship.

“The landscape has now changed dramatically, but traditionally we had a very negligible representation. Of course, start-up space in general has become more inclusive for women and I am all for the support that we, as women, can get to reach our potential,” shared Divya.

Further talking about the challenges that women entrepreneurs face, Vandana pointed out aninteresting observation.” A lot has changed with time and people take us seriously, but I think there’s still some unconscious bias or maybe judgement that exists. Chandni highlighted the gender gap, stating“Only 5% of women choose entrepreneurship”.

For the closing thoughts they all shared the one big advice to all entrepreneurs, especially student entrepreneurs out there looking to change the world with their ideas. “Listen to others but trust your instincts and just do it,”one said, “take your chances…it’s now or never,” another one added.


“While conditions for women entrepreneurs have significantly improved, there is still significant disparity that needs to be corrected. Women-founded fintechs have raised a meager 1% of total fintech investment in the last 10 years. Even in developed countries like the US, the amount of VC dollars granted to teams of only women has ranged from 1.8% to 2.7%since 2011. This panel aimed to highlight the accomplishments of these amazing women entrepreneurs, while also encouraging young women to become entrepreneursthemselves and apply for programs like the GSEA”remarked Anushka Kapoor, GSEA Chair for EO New Delhi this year.

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